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- A miniature village on the longest beach of Crete -

e Aquila Rithymna Beach lies on a 14-km long Rethymno beach.

Whilst the hotel features all the facilities of a miniature village, guests may walk to neighboring settlements (Adele, Aghia Parakevi, Maroulas) or the nearby lively resort village of Platanias.

Bus Services
public bus stop just outside hotel.
Taxi Service
upon request at the reception.
Flight availability from almost all Greek and European airports and airlines.
Charter flights available from and to most European destinations during summer.

Rethymno, Chania & Heraklion harbors use regular passenger & car ferries to Piraeus (Athens), Santorini and other nearby Greek islands.

From Rethymno: 7 kms | From Heraklion airport : 78,1 kms | From Heraklion : 72.5 kms | From Chania : 66.5 kms | From Chania airport : 67.5 kms | From Agios Nikolaos : 137.5 kms