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Aquila Rithymna Beach
Children’s Club

At Aquila Rithymna Beach, we are just as young as our young ones.

Family vacations have to be fun for all members, especially children. That is precisely why we have created the Aquila Rithymna Beach Children’s Club just for them. Aimed at infants as young as 8-months-old and right up to 17-year-old teenagers, the Children’s Club program features several Clubs for various ages, as well as fun services just for them, allowing their parents to relax themselves and enjoy their own activities.

Clubs Facilities
& Services

Our other creation is the Crèche Club, a brand new facility created specifically for infants from 8-months old and up to 3-year-olds. The Crèche Club runs from mid-May to mid-September and will absolutely delight parents and their young ones.

Crèche Club Services include:

– A specially-built storybook playhouse with exterior play areas, workshops, studios and an amphitheater for performances
– Selection of games and books
– Buggies
– Baby beds / cots
– Baby monitors
– Baby wash basins
– Baby floor mats
– Baby food
– State of the art facilities built with the use of ecological materials, offering the highest standards of safety and comfort
– Staffed by qualified carers, an enthusiastic, multi-lingual staff and a certified nurse, providing babysitting service during select hours (for an additional cost)
– A specially designed sun deck area close by for parents, complete with Sun Parasols and sun loungers
– Open 6 days a week from mid-May to mid-September
– Creche Club and nursery rooms
– Baby pool and play areas
– A shaded baby
– The Tasty Corner (see below) for all day refreshments, snacks and drinks for our little ones, as well as a fully equipped kitchen including bottle warmers, sterilizers, refrigerator and high chairs

Crèche Club Services (extra charge)

* Diapers
* Dummies / Soothers
* Babysitting in your room (upon request)

The first one is the storybook inspired “Kri Kri” Children’s Camp and Club. This self-contained facility resembles a multi-colored fairytale village and seems to be taken out straight from the pages of a storybook. Complete with miniature bedrooms and cubby holes for sleepovers, it is surrounded by the amphitheater, atelier, playgrounds, the workshops and a Tasty Corner for all-day refreshments.

A well-trained and multi-lingual staff entertain and care for children between the ages of 3-12 throughout the whole season, with an exciting array of events and activities. Adventures, competitions, games, handicrafts and creative activities, as well as sleepover nights and theatre performances keep even the most energetic of youngsters amused and give parents some relaxing time for themselves. This is a complimentary service, provided free of charge for all families, in order for the whole family to enjoy a perfect holiday.

Some examples of our daily children’s program at the Kri Kri Club are:

– Puppet shows, theatrical plays and childrens’ shows
– Fairy tale story readings
– Creative activities including painting, drawing and performance preparation making
– Special birthday celebrations, parties & BBQ’s
– Children’s discos
– Beach and pool games
– Discovery excursions and adventure games
– Sports program
– Children’s Olympics
– Supervised sleepovers at the “Kri Kri” Club for children aged 6 up to 12 years old, from mid-June to mid-September, with no extra charge (parental permission is obligatory). Children from late in the afternoon sleep overnight within the comfortable and exciting complex of the storybook club house, returning to their parents the following day.

Teenagers aged 13-17 year can join the Club 4U activities during the peak summer months (mid-June to mid-September) where there is a range of activities and excursions according to age groups of the teenagers for a fun and engaging holiday.

Exclusively for children aged between 3 – 12 years as an ALL INCLUSIVE package during the hours 11:00 – 19:00, open daily throughout the season.

Choice of a multitude of snacks, drinks, ice cream and fresh fruit. Lunch and dinner is also provided at no extra cost at the children’s Club Kri Kri.

– Mini Tennis (special programs for kids from 3 to 8 years)
– Beginner, intermediate and advanced level tennis lessons for children from 8 years and up
– Rackets and balls available for rent
– Organized Tournaments and Partner Program.